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Cooking Classes

For over 30 years, Sydney Markets Fresh for Kids program has been helping NSW school students choose the healthier choice at their school canteens. After achieving our initial goal, we developed a refreshed program to help students learn about the importance of fresh produce and basic cooking skills. In this new phase, Fresh for Kids will be moving into the classroom to bring cooking classes to the students.

After receiving feedback from stakeholders all across the state, Sydney Markets will bring a fresh program to schools. The Fresh for Kids cooking classes are designed to teach children about food; what it is, where it comes from, and the importance of the central market system by bringing the beauty of fresh, local, seasonal food to life. Using a hands-on approach to recreate recipes has been proven to engage children in a fun way while inspiring children to make better choices. 

Sydney Markets CEO, Brad Latham, said,

“The new program is an evolution of our much loved Fresh for Kids program. We are building on years of success of the Canteen Campaign by bringing the program into the classroom, to help educate future generations on healthy habits. This is a fantastic opportunity to encourage kids to eat healthier and educate them about where their food comes from through Sydney Markets.”

Sydney Markets CEO, Brad Latham

The new program will utilise produce from local growers, fresh from Sydney Markets and greengrocers local to schools within the program. 

It encourages primary schools to get involved in food education in a practical, hands-on, fun, and engaging way. The classes will focus on one ‘hero’ fruit or vegetable per term, with consideration given to seasonality and availability of produce from local greengrocers.

Sydney Markets PR and Brand Manager, Ned Tesic, said that the Sydney Markets team is excited to watch the new program unfold as a necessary evolution of the Canteen Campaign.

"The Fresh for Kids program has a long and proud history at Sydney Markets, and I am thrilled to see it transform into something that will undoubtedly be very valuable to children to set them up for lifelong healthy habits.”

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Fresh for Kids is back in 2023 with a brand new initiative bringing cooking classes to the classroom. Complete the form below to register your school’s interest.