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‘Veggie smuggler’ beef chilli con carne

Preparation: 20mins
Cooking: 45mins
Serves: 6

Add a good pinch of cayenne pepper and 1 tsp smokey paprika for a bolder flavour.

1 tbs olive oil1 brown onion, finely chopped
500g lean beef mince
2 tspMexican (medium) chilli powder
1 small red capsicum, finely diced
1 zucchini, grated
150g button mushrooms, finely chopped
250g chopped mini roma tomatoes
400g can diced tomatoes1 cup beef stock
400g red kidney beans, drained and rinsed
Diced avocado, lime wedges, coriander leaves, tortilla chips and reduced fat sour cream, to serve

Step 1: Heat oil in a large deep frying pan over medium-high heat. Add onion and cook, stirring often, for 3-4 minutes until softening. Add beef mince and cook, breaking up the mince with a wooden spoon, until evenly browned.

Step 2: Add Mexican chilli powder, capsicum, zucchini and mushrooms and cook, stirring often, for 4-5 minutes until softening.

Step 3: Stir in mini roma tomatoes, canned tomatoes and stock. Bring to the boil, then reduce heat and simmer, stirring occasionally, for 20 minutes. Stir in kidney beans and cook, stirring occasionally, for a 10 minutes. Serve with diced avocado, lime wedges, coriander leaves, tortilla chips and sour cream.

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