Fruit & Veggie Gang

The Fruit & Veggie Gang are big, bright and make for an awesome selfie! Best of all, they make fruit and vegetables synonymous with fun!

The Gang is famous for featured across all of our Fresh for Kid merchandise, branding and promotional material. Each of the characters have their own unique personalities and talents - reminding students that all fruit and vegetables are different, and they really can be fun!

The F&V Gang attend school presentations, charity events, fetes, sport carnivals and are also available for hire by schools.

Allow us to introduce you to the gang:

  • Bazza Banana – Bazza loves getting active. He's always full of strength and energy. He loves skateboarding with his bunch of friends. He's fun loving and carefree – nothing stresses Bazza out!
  • Captain Capsicum – Captain Capsicum is a real superfood! He loves to fight evil and nasty things in the human body and defends against sickness. He's fast, strong and brave!
  • Megabite Apple – Megabite is one clever kid! He's got a big brain that just keeps growing. Megabite is energetic, keen to learn new things and he has a big heart!
  • Oscar Orange – Oscar is fit, healthy and active. He loves playing sport, particularly football. He's got great vision, so he can always spot the best way to get to the try line! He has a big bright personality and is always refreshing to be around.
  • Summa Strawberry – Summa is a very sweet girl. She loves spending time outdoorswhen the weather is warm. Sometimes people underestimate her, because she's a quiet achiever, but she is strong, clever and has a big heart.
  • Tamara Tomato- Tamara can't sit still! She loves roller-skating because it's a quick and efficient way to get around. She isorganized, efficient and always looks after herself. No one messes with Tamara!
  • Brooke Broccoli – Brooke is unique. She's not the most popular girl in gang and sometimes she is misunderstood – but she's definitely the most talented. She is smart, strong and a great tennis player. Once you get to know her, you will love her!

Would you like the Fruit & Veggie gang to come along to your next event? Submit your request here:

Please note the hire fee is $110 including GST, per character. The suits must be picked up and returned to Sydney Markets Flemington, NSW. The hirer is also responsible for any repair costs to the suit if they are damaged during the hire period.