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Canteen Campaign

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This year kids will receive a bonus prize card in addition to their minor prize when they complete their entry forms. The bonus cards will either have an 'instant win' Rubik's Cube which they can redeem online and this is sent to the school at the end of the campaign for those winning children, or they will have a code to receive a code which they can enter online and go in the draw to win our Bonus Prize of a Nintendo Switch, thanks to Harvey Norman Auburn Flagship Store.


How does it work?

    1. The 'Eat Fresh and Win' campaign will commence on Monday 1st August 2022 and end on Friday 16th September 2022.
    2. Participating schools must register online via the Fresh for Kids website by Friday 01 July 2022.
    3. Schools will be sent posters, stamps (please note we have switched to stamps this year instead of stickers), entry cards and some information about the Eat Fresh & Win campaign.
    4. Each time the student makes a 'healthy' selection from the school canteen or brings a piece of fruit or vegetable from home they are rewarded with a stamp on their entry form. 
    5. Upon collection of 2 stamps, students must return their entry form to the Canteen to be rewarded with a prize.
    6. The final step is for the Canteen Manager to send all completed entry forms back to Sydney Markets by Friday 23rd September 2022.
    7. The major prize draw will take place on Wednesday 12 October 2022 with all winners published on the Fresh for Kids website on Monday 17th October 2022.
    8. Prizes will be sent to the winners by Friday 28 October 2022

Note: Even if there is no canteen at your school you can still take part in the campaign by rewarding students for bringing fresh fruit and vegetables from home.

MINOR PRIZE AND BONUS ENTRY CARD – these will be available to the canteens and should be given out once the student has completed the entry form. This year the minor prizes will be Fresh for Kids stickers.


Please note that prizes will be posted to the winning student’s school.


Terms and Conditions

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