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F - Fun for everyone
R - Really tasty
U - Unreal! A whole stack of fruit
I - It’s so healthy
T - Tasty & healthy are the most important thing for everyone

V - Very Healthy
E - Eat the lot
G - Gobble them all up
I - Interesting Vegies
E - Every single one of them is so scrumptious
S - So Sweet

By Jenan Moussa, age 10, NSW

There was a young girl named Marylin
On wednesday she heard a big din
she heard a car crash
They ran away in a flash
Maybe they hid in a bin.

By Molly Trost, 9 years old


Juicy Oranges
Oranges, oranges
oh so juicy oranges.
Nothing but like it but
cooling the body.
So eat up or drink
your very healthy juicy oranges
and stay healthy
all day long!

By Ana Balasooriya, Vic,
Age 11



I have a pineapple that sits in a tree
Sitting there very gracefully
Full of vitamins and all things good
You should try one if you could
But when I came out to see
It wasn't there for me
I think that it looked so nice
Someone took it in a trice

By Georgette Tabor, NSW


The Flying Banana, Apple in Armor
& Wild Grape

There once was a flying banana
That was saved by an apple in armor
but way to late because of the date
with a gorgeous wild grape.

By Sarah Romer, NSW


The Orangey Story

One day Mr Orange, Mr Banana, Mrs Plum and Mrs Apple were cleaning the farm and feeding the animals.

It wasn’t an easy job. The chooks kept running around and squawking and the pigs put mud on Mrs Plum every time.

"Oh no, my beautiful dress. It’s covered with mud" Mrs Plum would always complain.

"Stop complaining. This is the farm’s way of life. Quit waiting and finish the work Mrs Plum", Mr Orange explained, "If you want to help, STOP COMPLAINING OKAY".

"Okay, okay" Mrs Plum would say.

One day the farm animals were making such a noise no one worked that day.

‘What a racquet!" Mrs Apple said.

Suddenly Mr Orange brought up a brilliant idea. "We could have a farm choir. I could teach the animals to sing!".

Mr Banana brought up a point. "But birds and animals don’t sing."

"So what. It will be so so cool" Mr Orange answered.

It took weeks and weeks to perform the Alleluia song, but finally it was perfect. That night Mrs Plum, Mrs Apple and Mr Banana came to the show. They all brought ear muffs just incase the noise became terrible. Suddenly the show started, so they all put on their ear muffs. But when they started singing, it was a miracle - they sang beautifully. Soon it was the end of the show. All of the fruits were clapping and screaming "hooray, hooray".

This year was very busy for Mr Orange who arranged the show.

By Ana Balasooriya, Vic, Age 11


Fresh for Kids
Fresh for Kids
Fresh for Kids
Let eat
Let eat
It's good for us
For Fresh for Kids

From Van, Chermside, QLD


There once was a potato from Nantucket
who got stuck in a bucket
it didn't realise
but the mash look went out in a flash
poor little potato stuck in the bucket from Nantucket

By Ellie, NSW



Timmy looked down at his huge, yucky serving
of homemade vegetable pie,
He started feeling ill, he started feeling faint
He just knew he was going to cry!

He picked up his knife, he picked up his fork,
and gently sliced through the crust,
he turned away to look at his mum
but eat it he knew he must.

What a horrible odour, what a stomach churning smell!
he tried to identify his food,
Before he had been hungry, before he had been starved,
but suddenly he was not in the mood.

Some over ripe tomatoes, some stinking cabbage,
Some olives and also some things,
Poor little Timmy could not identify,
and the tummy aches this delicacy brings!

Then again, thought Timmy, it's different this time,
It doesn't seem so horribly ickey,
He picked out some vegie with shaking hands and
the taste wasn't horribly sticky.

He gulped it down with enormous power,
and even came back for more,
Never judge a book by it's cover you know,
You never know what is in store!

By Catherine Brace, Vic

Friends as Family

We're best friends
Just like family
We share our food
We play together
Just like the family
In a warm house with lots of laughter!

By Van, Chermside, QLD

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