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From Farm to Plate School Presentations

From farm to plateThe Sydney Markets ‘From Farm to Plate’ school presentation has been specifically designed for Year 2 students.  A representative from Sydney Markets will come to your school to conduct the presentation.

The content covers the different parts of a plant where fruit and vegetables comes from, how much fruit and vegetables students should eat each day, the difference between fruit and vegetables, and how fresh produce travels from the farm to your plate through the Central Markets System.

The visit will also include a viewing of a DVD on banana nutrition, banana taste testing and an appearance by Fresh for Kids gang member ‘Bazza Banana’ (depending on availability of character).

To register for the presentation, please read the “From Farm to Plate - Guidelines and Requirements” first. Then fill in the Booking Form and select three possible dates (only Thursdays).

‘From Farm to Plate’ school presentations are strictly limited, so please fax back the completed form as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

For further information about ‘From Farm to Plate’ school presentations, please email or phone 02 9325 6295.

Bookings for 2013 are now available.

From Farm to Plate - Guidelines and Requirements

From Farm to Plate - Booking Form

Australian Bananas
‘From Farm to Plate’ is sponsored by Australian Bananas

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