The Fresh for Kids ‘Eat Fresh and Win’ Canteen Campaign rewards kids for eating fresh, with some great prizes to be won!

Purchases at the school canteen are often amongst the first purchasing decisions a child ever makes. Healthy purchasing habits that are developed during this period in a student’s development are fundamental to establishing positive attitudes to food consumption.

How does it work?

  • Any school in New South Wales can participate in the Fresh for Kids Canteen for free
  • The campaign runs for 7 weeks throughout Term 3
  • Each student is given a ‘fresh passport’
  • Each time the student makes a ‘healthy’ selection from their school canteen, they are rewarded with a sticker to add to their ‘fresh passport’
  • Upon collecting enough stickers, the child is rewarded with a prize. The prizes possibilities get better along the way!

Note: Even if there is no canteen at your school, you can still take part in the Canteen Campaign. Instead of rewarding students for making purchases at the canteen, you can reward fresh lunchbox items.

2018 Canteen Campaign

The 2018 Canteen Campaign will commence in Term 3 on Monday 7th August, finishing on Friday 21st September 2018.

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