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The Sydney Markets Limited Fresh for Kids program aims to help school aged children achieve a healthy lifestyle by encouraging them to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and by participating in physical activity.

The Fresh for Kids program is a multifaceted, non-profit program started in the early stages of 1997 to combat the alarmingly low levels of fresh fruit and vegetable consumption within primary school aged children.

Factors that influenced the creation and management of the program included the impact of aggressive fast and snack food marketing on children’s diets and their subsequent attitude to fresh produce. Supporting this data derived from research and media reports demonstrating that diet related health problems such as obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes are increasing in children.

Through close relationships with various organisations including government departments, teachers, canteen supervisors, independent retailers and parents, the Fresh for Kids program is able to implement a strong children’s program that achieves the aim of increasing the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables and an active lifestyle among primary school aged children

The Program is supported by the NSW Chamber of Fruit and Vegetables, Australian Bananas and the Sydney Markets Credit Services Co-operative.

The Fresh for Kids program comprises of numerous components that work both together and independently to promote the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables and an active lifestyle amongst school aged children. These include:

If you would like to contact the Fresh for Kids Program please feel free to send us an email.

Fresh for Kids website –

AwardThe Fresh for Kids website is an integral component of the Fresh for Kids program. The site was developed to provide a fun and educational resource for children, their parents and teachers. The site allows immediate access and integration across all aspects of the Fresh for Kids® program for children and is loaded with fruit and vegetable information, recipes, activities and games.

The website has been recognised as one of the best within the industry nominated in the World Food Awards in 2003 and 2010 and won Australia’s Best Food based website in 2006, 2008 and 2010 in the Australian Food Media Awards.

The website averages 1.9 million hits and 65,000 unique visits every month.


Canteen Campaign

2010 Chow Down & Win Canteen campaignPurchases at the school canteen often represent the first purchasing decisions made by school students. Healthy purchasing habits that are developed during this period in a student’s development are fundamental to establishing positive attitudes to food consumption.

The Canteen Campaign is specifically designed to increase fresh fruit and vegetable consumption within primary school aged children by rewarding kids for making the healthy choice at their school canteen.

In NSW sales of fresh fruit and vegetables have increased by an average of 120% in participating schools. However in some schools, sales increased by as much as 400%. In 2010, over 210,000 children in NSW and ACT were directly involved in the campaign.

Previous campaigns included:

  • Chow Down and Win
  • Join Forces and Win
  • Blast Off and Win

For more information about the 2010 ‘Chow Down and Win’ Canteen Campaign please click here.



Canteen Fresh Newsletter

1Canteen Fresh is produced for distribution to more than 3,400 NSW and ACT primary school canteens quarterly.

Canteen Fresh is seen by Canteen Managers to be a valuable resource, which provides quick, easy to prepare and tasty fresh fruit and vegetable recipes suitable for a school canteen.

Click here to go to the Canteen Fresh Page.





From Farm to Plate School Presentations (NSW)

2 ‘From Farm to Plate’ school presentations have been specifically designed for Year 2 students. A representative from Sydney Markets will come to your school to conduct the presentation. The content covers information about the different parts of a plant; where fruit and vegetables comes from; how much fruit and vegetables students should eat each day; the difference between fruit and vegetables and the process of how fresh produce travels from the farm to your plate through the Central Markets System.

The visit will also include a viewing of a DVD on banana nutrition, banana taste testing and an appearance by Fresh for Kids gang member ‘Bazza Banana’ (depending on availability of character).

‘From Farm to Plate’ school presentations are strictly limited. For further information email or phone 02 9325 6295 or 02 9325 6297

‘From Farm to Plate’ is proudly sponsored by Australian Bananas.
Australian Bananas



Promotional Material

A large quantity of promotional material is distributed to children throughout NSW and ACT. This material is freely available to schools, canteens, school fetes and sporting events. It is also distributed to Area Health Promotion Officers, Community Health Centres, hospitals, charity events and also through retailers.

Promotional material includes posters, stickers, tattoos, wristbands and bookmarks, all of which contain images of the Fresh for Kids characters or the Fresh for Kids website.

To find out how you can receive Fresh for Kids promotional material please email us.



School Sport Foundation

School Sports FoundationAs major sponsors, Sydney Markets, through the School Sports Foundation, awards students for their sporting achievements, excellence and dedication by providing them with the Sydney Markets Scholarship.  Winning students receive a trophy, $1,000 cash and $1,500 worth of fresh fruit and vegetables for a year.

Sydney Markets has been the sponsor since 1997 of the School Sport Foundation Grants program, which has given over $2 million to schools to run local level sport and healthy lifestyle initiatives.

The sponsorship allows Fresh for Kids further opportunity to encourage primary and high schools across NSW to implement healthy (eating and physical activities) programs outside of the curriculum through the ‘’Promoting the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetable combined with physical activity’ grants. To find out more about how to apply for a grant for your school please click here.

The sponsorship also allows Fresh for Kids to access major sporting events run by the School Sport Foundation and provide fresh fruit to school sporting athletes.



Premiers Sporting Challenge

Premiers Sporting ChallengeSydney Markets aims to deliver the message of healthy eating and living through its sponsorship of the NSW Premier’s Sporting Challenge.

The Premier’s Primary and Secondary School Sporting Challenge is a new Government initiative and aims to engage young people in sport and physical activity whilst encouraging them to lead healthy, active lifestyles. The Challenge includes a range of initiatives with one common purpose - to have more students, more active, more often!
The sponsorship allows Fresh for Kids further opportunity to encourage primary and high school students to take part in physical activities as part of the Premiers Sporting Challenge. To support this, Fresh for Kids awards ‘Encouragement Awards’ to students who would not normally partake in physical activity but have really excelled within the program.

The sponsorship also allows Fresh for Kids to donate fresh fruit to students participating in the Premiers Sporting Challenge. This opportunity allows students to try fresh fruit who may not have access to it at home.
To find out how to get your school involved click here.



F & V Gang


The colourful larger than life F&V Gang help to communicate that fruit and vegetables can be fun. The F&V Gang attend school presentations, charity events, launches, sport carnivals and are also available for hire by schools.

The F&V Gang include; Bazza Banana, Captain Capsicum, Megabite Apple, Oscar Orange, Summa Strawberry (pictured) and Tamara Tomato.

Find out more about the Fresh for Kids Characters on their very own page.






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